My latest in the seasons series. I hope you enjoy Spring even though many of you in the Midwest USA are without power and experiencing temperatures below freezing. We can always hope I guess.

Here is short piece using one of the more common octatonic (eight-tone) scales. This particular octatonic scale is often referred to as the diminished scale. It can be described as a symmetrical scale consisting of alternating whole and half-steps.

The second in a series of seasonal compositions.

A common-tone diminished seventh chord is a full-diminished seventh chord that has a note in common with its chord of resolution. For example as is common in jazz:

My yearly contribution to the Christmas guitar repertory. A new arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen that I hope you enjoy.

Hot Cross Buns revised. A short example of reharmonization. I chose the simplest tune I could think of, with a slight variation, and incorporated some of the more common techniques of reharmonizing a melody that would be typically employed by jazz players.

A new piece that I am hoping will be accessible to most players.

What do we mean when we say "Carulli was a good composer but not as good as Sor".

A new arrangement of this simple and beautiful hymn for solo guitar. In standard notation and standard notation with tablature.

An arrangement of "Amazing Grace" that I hope you enjoy and may want to play yourself!


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