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Hey remember me? Nice job on your webpage. One of these days I need to come see you play live. Take Care -Todd
Christmas Eve 2016 John, Thanks for all the great music! :-) A Christmas gift was donated to your website tonight. Wishing you every blessing at Christmas and always! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! neil ***
http://www.mp3dj.eu Great looking internet site. Think you did a great deal of your very own coding.
Long time (but mostly amateur) jazzer here. I really love your blog articles. Very succinct yet substantive. I landed here while looking for ideas on polychords, by the way.
Very beautiful ''Influences''! Congratulations for your work. There is pretty much stuff here for a guitar lover to devote his/her time. I 'll be a steady visitor of your blog!
John, the etudes are so beautiful. Just listened to them all. I can't even pick my favorite. Pookie likes them, too. She's sitting here next to me all blissed out, purring up a storm. You are just so gifted. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music and your inspired music making. On to the Bachianas Americanas!
Listened to your recordings. Beautifully executed and recorded, rich guitar sound and your music was inspiring. A google search for 'Bach's Bourree in Em analysis' brought me to your website, thanks for this work, it clearly shows the brilliance of this man and his infinite voicing for the simplest progressions.
Uncle John, Love the website. You are a true professional and a virtuoso of the guitar. I am always honored to hear you play and perform. Your playing is always heartfelt and passionate. There is nothing better than having a family member share their God-given talents with other family members and friends. Thank you.
I love your web site, maybe because like you I'm into both Jazz and Classical guitar. I will certain tell my students about your wonderful work.
Love your arrangements and your tone in your recordings! Have you published a CD?
Just stopping in to check things out John: great as always!
John , sincere compliments for your new fantastic website e for your extraordinary music !!! Bravo!!
Great work John, very impressive and helpful as always. Words fail to express how beneficial you have been to my playing and understanding.
Hey John- the new layout looks great! Etude No. 5 still blows me away man, great tune. Btw, can the chords in the last measure of the first Carulli duet be strummed?
I love the new look of the website, John! Beautiful arrangements and incredible music on here.
Just listened to the Etudes,excellent texture,rich tone and feeling. I did not realize how much I missed your playing! After hearing you in high school,college and several years after in your basement and different venues,I had forgotten the sweet sound of your playing. Thanks for having a great website for all to enjoy.
Sincere compliments for your beautiful website and your wonderful music, rich of emotions : bravo ! John, you are great ! All the best
Love the site John- very impressed! Thanks again for all the help and answers.
Lovely music John, (Bach Americana) I contacted you a few weeks ago (same name, guitar etc.) well i must tell you someone has mistaken me for you (see review) http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/index.php?sm=home.score&scoreID=137394 Although i think my little sonata is decent enough it hasn't got the work put into it that your pieces have. Although The reviewer is mistaken i'm not going to tell him and shall accept the praise. Delicious Bouree by the way and Sarabande very nice. I shall email reviewer and give them your web address.
John, I am listening to your "influences" cd, while I am enjoying my dinner tonight..... which reminds me to encourage you to follow through on the interlochen guitar festival for this summer! denise
Further ... Just listened to the Etudes, fabulous better/different from my music, but we both compose eclectacly (is that a word?) anycase across a range of styles, mines more tarrega ish. And finally i usually write my name without capitals as i see you have done. ha ha. best wishes john hall
Thank You for the addition of Silent Night to your website! :)
John, FANTASTIC website. Extremely professional. You take care.
Great site Johnny. Thanks so much for your guidance and inspiration. God Bless. BC
's wonderful! 's marvelous!
Love Carulli!!!!
I like listening to your new pieces! I like playing your older pieces. I like your website. I like the background etude. I like your guitar. I like learning from you, "guitar sensei". ..... hopefully you are going to participate some way in next year's Interlochen Guitar Festival
Impressive website, Professor!!!!!
As a former student of the John Hall Academy of the Performing Arts, I am happy to have this online material to continue study with. Dude, you ROCK!
Site looks good, I like your etudes!
Mel Bay, that is big time! Love the site.
Love the Mechanical Blues!


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